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    European Biosolar Roofs
    The Future of European Roofs

Solar Roof Garden

Solar roof garden are an interesting addition to the biosolar roof concept. Intensive green roofs provide accessible green space on roofs. Whether it staff in businesses or  residents in apartment blocks, it is an interesting addition to the roof garden approach.Solar roof garden could be an interesting way to finance green infrastructure on buildings.

Solar roof shade
Solar roof shade on garden roof

Solar roof garden – Multi-functionality in Action

The provision of a solar roof garden on the roof at Boku University provides a range of benefits:

  • increased green space in an urban area
  • increased biodiversity, especially for pollinators
  • thermal cooling for the city
  • cooling to the building
  • the plants filter out air-borne pollutants

TheSolar roof garden pergola also provides additional sustainability functions – energy production by the translucent solar panels and the storage of rainwater. This rainwater can be used to irrigate the solar roof garden during Vienna’s long hot summers.

Solar roof garden - prototype
The Solar roof Garden at Boku

Solar roof garden – Shade

Shade is important on intensive green roofs. This is especially true in Vienna. The city experiences extreme heat waves, increasingly due to climate change. Roofs can be a lot hotter for users than at ground level. The temperature experienced on the roof is 3-50C lower than in direct sunlight. TheSolar roof garden can give some real respite from the mittel Europe heat.

The panels, however, are translucent and therefore allow the plants to thrive. So people and plants can benefit. The building owners also benefit due to the revenue provided by the solar panels.

Taking Intensive roofs to the next level

Although this is a prototype project designed for new developments, existing buildings could retrofit Solar roof garden .  This could be on existing intensive green roofs or where the statics allow on new ones. The idea is to finance the green roof element through the revenue earned through the solar panels. Furthermore the reduced stormwater fees from the rainwater harvesting will provide savings to potential building owners.

Our speakers from Vienna at the conference will go into more detail about the prototype at the conference. Another reason to attend the European Biosolar roof Conference in London.

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