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    The Future of European Roofs

REA’s Stuart Pocock to speak at Conference

We are pleased to announce that Stuart Pocock will be speaking on behalf of the UK renewable industries at the Biosolar Roof Conference in September. Stuart is the Chief Operating Officer of the Renewable Energy Association and Head of UK Solar (REA).

REA - solar installation on a green roof
Solar Panels being installed on a green roof

Biosolar roofs are all about the weaving of solar energy and green roof expertise together to ensure that our cities move towards a low carbon, livable cityscape of plants, soil and clean energy. Roofs make up a large percentage of the urban footprint and therefore offer a huge potential to help achieve these aims.

The whole thrust of the European Biosolar Roofs Conference is to break down perceived barriers separating the two industries. Today, the REA has published an important article in Business Green, highlighting the need for all renewable energy approaches to work together.

We also believe that all green technologies should work together, developing useful synergies. This allows us to weave beneficial relationships across the sustainability agenda, for:

  • Increased solar energy production on roofs
  • ncreased biodiversity
  • Increased green infrastructure for more resilient cities

Stuart will be joined at the conference by experts from the roofing and landscape industries. Biodiversity NGOs and ecologists will also add their voice, knowledge and vision.

We look forward to hearing Stuart’s ideas on how the solar industry and the green roof industry can work together to deliver these aims. With the green roof industry and REA working together in the UK, the future of roofs will be biosolar.

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