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    European Biosolar Roofs
    The Future of European Roofs

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One of the world’s leading green roof companies with over 40 years of experience delivering green roof technology with solar energy.

‘Green roofs and photovoltaic systems are a perfect combination. Installing them together makes multiple roof use possible, which holds many advantages for the environment and increases profitability for investors. Amongst many other benefits, green roofs can improve the performance of solar panels as their cooling effect increases the output of the panels by up to 5%.

At Optigreen we don’t see green roofs and photovoltaic systems on roofs as being in competition with each other. We would prefer to see a synergy between the two, which we are aiming to achieve with our Solar Green Roof Solution, using a solar base unit that is anchored by the superimposed load of the green roof substrate. Having installed this system successfully on projects all over Europe we would like to increase awareness and assist with many more projects to meet the demands of the market for an engineered and tested solution to combine green roofs and photovoltaic systems together.’

Optigreen Tortoiseshell butterfly
Tortoiseshell Butterfly suns itself on an Optigreen roof in Southern Germany


Bauder is consistently proven to be the leader in flat roof technology and innovation. Its extensive portfolio of flat roofs, green roofs and photovoltaics enable Bauder to impartially recommend the right solution for each and every project. Bauder delivers all types of green roofs from waterproofing solutions through to plants and landscaping components, and was the first company to introduce green roof technology into the UK and Ireland in 1982.

‘There is a perception that a building’s roofscape can either have a green roof or photovoltaics, causing the two technologies to compete for the same area, leading to debate over which would be preferable. At Bauder, our stance is to take the cohesive approach and unite the technologies. Bauder BioSOLAR is an integrated solution for photovoltaic renewable energy with a green roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism, which removes the need for penetrating the waterproofing to secure the mounting units to the roof. There are many advantages to adopting this inclusive approach and it is something that Bauder will continue to promote and support in the future.’

Bauder BioSOLAR solar panel
New green roof solar panel by Bauder Ltd

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