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Jeremy Leggett offer his support

Jeremy Leggett offers his support

Jeremy Leggett, founder and director of Solar Century and Solar Aid, would have spoken at the European Biosolar Roof Conference but will be out of the country.

As a thought leader, Jeremy has been a major champion of the UK’s solar revolution. He also has the vision to see that climate change and biodiversity loss are linked concerns for the planet.

Jeremy Leggett has offered his support to the conference

In an email Jeremy said:

Cities globally are facing increasing temperatures, air and water pollution, more severe weather events, energy vulnerability and biodiversity loss. Biosolar roofs will be a vital part of the transition of cities to urban resilience. This event is a very useful part of that process.”

Solar Century - Jeremy Leggett

 Solar Century has been at the vanguard of the UK’s solar industry. Their solar farms do more than produce low-carbon energy. They are also now delivering benefits to biodiversity. It is great to hear that he also recognises the potential for biosolar roofs to deliver these two objectives in our cities.

 Weaving together the solar and green roof industries is what this conference is all about – and we are gratefully for Jeremy’s support.

Weaving professionals together

It is also important to weave the various professionals who work on schemes together.

AECOM‘s Matthew Turner will provide a view from the building services industry. His talk will focus on how building services engineers can achieve their aims, whilst also delivering biodiversity. Of course there are challenges and difficulties, but in his work the opportunities to enhance both energy and biodiversity are possible.

 Gary Grant, Fellow of IEEM and Director of the Green Infrastructure Consultancy, will give a perspective on biosolar roofs from the biodiversity angle. Other speakers from the worlds of landscape and design will also help to present the tapestry of biodiversity and solar energy at roof level.

These are just two of the expert line-up of speakers, ensuring that this conference demonstrates why the future of roofs in Europe is biosolar!

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