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Jeremy Leggett offer his support

Jeremy Leggett offers his support Jeremy Leggett, founder and director of Solar Century and Solar Aid, would have spoken at the European Biosolar Roof Conference but will be out of the country. As a thought leader, Jeremy has been a major champion of the UK’s solar revolution. He also has the vision to see that… Continue Reading

Calling all Property and Estate Managers

There are many roofs in a city that could be transformed into living energy producing spaces. The London Conference on biosolar roofs will help property and estate managers to understand how they could potential transform builidngs as hot spots for biodiversity as well as producing carbon free energy. In London alone it is estimated that… Continue Reading

REA’s Stuart Pocock to speak at Conference

We are pleased to announce that Stuart Pocock will be speaking on behalf of the UK renewable industries at the Biosolar Roof Conference in September. Stuart is the Chief Operating Officer of the Renewable Energy Association and Head of UK SolarĀ (REA). Continue Reading

Conference Partners

2015 European Biosolar Roof Conference Partners