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Calling all Property and Estate Managers

There are many roofs in a city that could be transformed into living energy producing spaces. The London Conference on biosolar roofs will help property and estate managers to understand how they could potential transform builidngs as hot spots for biodiversity as well as producing carbon free energy.

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In London alone it is estimated that over 10milliion m2 of existing roof space could be greened tomorrow. Much of the area would be inappropriate for biosolar roofs but perhaps 33% could be. There are plenty of examples where green roofs have been retrofitted in London. There are, as yet, few examples where biosolar roofs have been retrofitted. We are aware of one project that is currently near completion.

Over the last eight years there have also been a series of green infrastructure audits across Central London. The first was undertaken in the Victoria Business Improvement District, and others in clude Baker Street BID, Cheapside BID, Bankside Urban Forest and London Bridge BID. The audits have identified many buildings that could have green roofs. The challenge now is to identify buildings that could take green roofs with solar panels.

The potential, is there, it just needs to be realised. To set this in motion, it needs building owners and managers to embrace the idea. The London Biosolar roof conference is the place to be to start the a ball rolling to help London and other cities to lead the way to a biosolar roof future for the UK, Europe and across the globe.

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