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    European Biosolar Roofs
    The Future of European Roofs

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    European Biosolar Roofs
    The Future of European Roofs

European Biosolar Roof Conference

Biosolar Roofs

Green Infrastructure in Action for Biodiversity, Pollinators and Solar Power at Roof Level

Venue and Date

The European Biosolar Roof Conference was held at the London Living Room at City Hall, London, on 28th September 2015.

Biosolar Roofs EU is in partnership with Biosolar roof Project aims to promote the combination of green roofs with solar panels to help Europe to deliver:

  • The EU Low Carbon Economy
  • The EU Climate Change Strategy
  • The EU Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Policy
  • Biodiversity and especially pollinator provision at roof level.

The Biosolar Roofs Project

The Biosolar roofs project is a EU Leonardo-funded two year research and development activity, culminating in this conference. The project promotes a multi-beneficial approach to the greening of roofs, providing resource and habitat for pollinators and renewable energy production. Although there are examples across Europe, the ‘marriage’ is not often undertaken.

Sustainable Development Professionals

Sustainable development professions often see the delivery of solar and green roofs as an either/or situation.

Biosolar roofs are an example how multi-beneficial services can be delivered at roof level.

The project aims to provide pan-European training for installers and contractors, as well professional seminars for Architects, Landscape Architects, Mechanical and other engineers.

The Biosolar Industry

The conference also brings together current payers in the industry, who are already delivering the technology – whether it be:

  • Green roof and solar technology
  • Biodiversity through green roof innovation
  • Consultancies and designers providing services that deliver biosolar roofs

Sustainable development in Europe at roof level should be a biosolar future. This conference celebrates and provides a road map to delivery across the continent through:

  • Training and skills development
  • Innovation in the industry
  • Promotion of the concept to professionals within the built environment and biodiversity world

The future of roofs is biosolar

Conference Partners

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